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Transfer Terms and Agreement

Sahuarita Guns can not ship firearms directly to you, all firearms must be shipped directly to an FFL dealer. You must be 18 or older to purchase rifles and shotguns and 21 to purchase handguns. You may choose an FFL dealer in our list, if your FFL dealer is not listed click on "FFL not listed" and fill in all required information. You must contact your FFL dealer and have them fax a copy (520-393-8556) or send an e-mail ( of there FFL license. Sahuarita Guns will not ship the firearm untill we have all necessary information. If you live locale you may pick up in store and come in to fill out all necessary paperwork. Once all information is received we will ship your firearm, you will be responsible for tracking your own package and arrangeing to pick up your firearm from your local FFL dealer. You will then have to file out all necessary paperwork to recieve the firearm at your FFL dealer. Please inspect the firearm to make sure it is what you ordered. If there is any problems do not accept the transfer ( read return policy for more info). Once you accept the transfer the firearm is considered used and can not be returned ( read warranty policy for more info).