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Sahuarita Guns


Layaway terms of agreement;

            Sahuarita Guns layaway is a 60 day payment plan that is divided up into 3 payments of 1/3 the total price of the item(s) per payment. The first payment will be do with the start of the layaway, the second payment is due on or before the 30 days from the start date of the layaway and the final payment is due on or before the 60 day period from the start date of the layaway. 


Failure to pay;

            If at any time that a payment is not received by the due date, Sahuarita Guns has the right to terminate this agreement and all monies paid will be forfeited. At Sahuarita Guns discretion, we can continue the agreement with an additional fee of 10% of the total layaway amount.


Early pay off;

            At any time the customer can pay off the remaining balance of the layaway without any additional fees.


Cancelation of Layaway;

            If at any time you are unable to continue to make payments for any reason you can cancel the layaway agreement. If you choose to conceal you will forfeit 1/3 of the money paid and will not be obligated to pay the remainder of the balance.


Picking up of Item(s);

            When the balance is paid in full only the customer of the layaway can receive the item(s).

Firearm Layaway

            When all the payments have been made for a firearm layaway all necessary paperwork will be filled out and processed. If the purchaser is unable to possess the firearm for any reason Sahuarita Guns will keep the firearm and will refund the customers money minus 1/3 of the total money paid for the firearm. If the firearm is to be shipped, it will only be shipped to a FFL dealer in their area and all previous stipulations still apply. There will be no refund on shipping charges, customer will be responsible for all transfer fees from their local FFL dealer.